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Panasonic Semiconductor

English full name:Panasonic Semiconductor

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brand introduction

Panasonic Industrial Company is part of Panasonic North America's industrial components and electronics division. Panasonic Industrial provides important components for household appliances, consumer electronics, computers, communications equipment, commercial and health care products for the daily use of millions of people. We supply high quality products, industry wide global manufacturing and advanced research facilities, and commitment to customer service so that we become the preferred supplier of high-tech electronic products to the world's most famous original equipment manufacturers. From the smallest resistance to the largest high-tech wireless communication module, Panasonic has everything! Choosing Panasonic doesn't just mean you have chosen a familiar and trusted brand. And it means that you have chosen the best components available in the industry.

Main product line

Sensor, photoelectric element, transformer, RF communication module, /IF and RFID, industrial control device, switch, crystal oscillator, capacitors, inductors, resistors, relays, battery, programmer, connector etc.

Application field

Consumer electronics, lighting, electronics, medical, electronic communications / Networking Industry / Automation

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