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TDK Electronics

English full name:TDK Electronics

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brand introduction

TDK, founded in 1935, aims to achieve the goal of industrialization of the world's first magnetic material "ferrite" for the purpose of creating new values and making a positive contribution to mankind. So far, our development has always been to material from electronic components for the purpose, the use of magnetic materials and materials technology starting point to ferrite, provide a variety of original electronic components for the world. Condensed and computer intelligent mobile phone, the same function is widely used in various occasions flat PC, the popularity of clean energy vehicles and electric cars have been in such a significant growth of our field to realize miniaturization, lightweight, high performance and other features, and meet the requirements of all kinds of products for customers. In the next generation of information communication and energy related industries areas for future development, we will use cloud computing, smart grid as the focus of the market, as the era of large volumes of data and reduce the environmental load of low-carbon society, continue to create high-quality products that meet the highest demand.

Main product line

Capacitors, inductors, filters, interference suppression devices, sensors, transformers, radio frequency devices, optical devices, power supplies, etc.

Application field

Consumer electronics, medical electronics, portable devices, communications / network transportation / automotive industry / Automation

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