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brand introduction

Toshiba (Toshiba) is Japan's largest semiconductor manufacturer, is also the second largest integrated motor manufacturer, affiliated with Mitsui group. The company was founded in July 1875, formerly known as Tokyo Shibaura Electric Corporation, 1939 by Tokyo Electric Corporation and Shibaura produced by the merger, business areas including digital products, electronic components, equipment, household appliances and other social foundation. Since 1980s, Toshiba has transformed itself into an integrated electronic and electrical enterprise, including communications and electronics, from a home appliance and heavy duty motor company. In 90s, Toshiba made rapid progress in digital technology, mobile communications technology and network technology, and successfully transformed from the giant of home appliance industry to the pioneer of IT industry.

Main product line

MOSFET, optical semiconductor devices, Power management IC, intelligent power IC, linear IC, motor drive IC, Diode, bipolar transistor/IGBT, high power device, microcontroller

Application field

Consumer electronics, lighting, electronics, medical, electronic, portable devices, communications / network security / surveillance, industry / Automation

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